This scale shows the relative hardness and durability of materials. The lower the number on the scale, the softer the nature of the substance will be. The Shore A rating is used to describe these lower density materials. A higher number on the scale indicates a harder material that is less susceptible to bending and is denoted by a Shore D rating.

Use the chart below to compare the information above with the relative hardnesses of each of our material offerings.




QuickPlastic Cast Urethane

73 D


Duraform PA


75 D



RC-79D MRI (Transparent)



[Can range from 73D-77D]

77 D

Semi-Flexible, PE-Like (Somos 8110)

Duraform GF


80 D

Durable, PP-Like / ABS-Like (Accura 25)



82 D




84 D

ABS-Like - White (RenShape 7810)
[Can range from 80D-87D]





Simile ad ABS ad alta temperatura

85 D




86 D

Rigid, PC-Like (Accura 60)



Rigid, PC-Like (RenShape 7870)



ABS-Like - White (Accura 50)



ABS-Like - Gray (Accura Xtreme)



87 D

ABS-Like - White (Somos 18420)
[Can range from 87D-88D]