Tuesday , Nov 13 - Nov 16, 2018

3D Systems is transforming Additive Manufacturing workflows

With more than 30 years of partnering with customers, offering industry-leading 3D printers, innovative materials, advanced software and services 3D Systems transforms existing factory lines into advanced manufacturing environments:

  • Integrating additive with subtractive technologies enabling mixed factory environments
  • Passando a nuovi livelli di produttività mediante capacità di post elaborazione integrate automatizzate in linea
  • Garantendo livelli uniformi di risultati di qualità ripetibili
  • Mediante la semplificazione e personalizzazione dei flussi di lavoro di produzione con un portafoglio completo di software ingegneristici negli ambienti di produzione tradizionali, additivi o misti

Come visit us at formnext and learn how to grow from prototyping to production, integrate additive with traditional manufacturing, how to scale industrial additive manufacturing and how to streamline engineering and manufacturing workflows with our software solutions.

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The Impact of Metal Additive Manufacturing on the Hybrid Factory

Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Time: 1:15 - 1:30 pm

Kevin McAlea, EVP, General Manager, Metals and Healthcare

  • Kevin McAlea is Executive Vice President and General Manager

    Kevin McAlea is Executive Vice President and General Manager - Metals & Healthcare Business Units for 3D Systems Corporation. Kevin entered the 3D printing business in 1993 with DTM Corporation, a Texas-based startup. DTM Corporation was acquired by 3D Systems in 2001.

    During his 25-year 3D printing career, Kevin has managed global printer sales and marketing, European operations and product development. In his current role, Kevin is responsible for the global metal printing business and the company’s healthcare vertical, including medical simulation, surgical planning and medical device manufacturing services.

    Kevin started his career at GE Global Research as a development engineer and team manager. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Delaware.

  • Per saperne di più sulle applicazioni

    Soluzioni 3D "end-to-end" e competenze leader nel settore per agevolare la trasformazione dei flussi di lavoro in progettazione, ingegnerizzazione e manifattura.

    Peso leggero

    Ebook - Il vantaggio della produzione additiva: stampa 3D in metallo e riduzione dei pesiLightweighting eBook

    This ebook is for curious and competitive businesses, engineers, and designers who want to unlock the advantages metal 3D printing has to offer. We will start with some basic concepts and definitions, provide actual and theoretical application examples, and share some design and manufacturing strategies you can incorporate to optimize your outcomes..

    Software di produzione

    Metal Additive Manufacturing Software eBookLightweighting eBook

    Questo eBook offre una panoramica del processo di preparazione e ottimizzazione per la Produzione additiva, spiegando la sua importanza per la redditività di qualunque attività in questo campo e suggerisce inoltre quali sono gli aspetti fondamentali di una soluzione software di Produzione additiva.


    Stampaggio digitale

    White paper sullo stampaggio digitale ad alta velocitàDigital Molding Whitepaper

    Discover a disruptive and scalable alternative to traditional injection molding powered by 3D Systems Figure 4 technology that enables designs to go straight from CAD to manufacturing without tooling or delay..

    Sinterizzazione laser selettiva (SLS)

    Sinterizzazione laser selettiva - Ampia le tue capacità produttive con materiali ad alte prestazioni
    SLS ebook

    Selective Laser Sintering is a process that uses high-powered CO2 lasers to selectively melt and fuse powdered thermoplastics. This process is ideal if you are looking to produce tough, functional parts, with the possibility to achieve excellent surface finish and fine detailing. Learn how to make the best decision for your SLS application by choosing exactly the right material combination for your production part..

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